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Welcome to the Official Lands of Rowia WikiEdit

This wiki features info on the "Lands of Rowia" LEGO community project on the Forums. Similar to Guilds of Historica in, LoR features a world with factions that compete against each other in building contests to gain points and glory.

Table of ContentsEdit

  1. Introduction to the Lands of Classic Castle
  2. History of Roawia
  3. Map of Roawia
  4. Factions
    1. Province of Garheim
    2. Province of Lenfald
    3. Province of Loreos
    4. Outlaws
    5. The King's Council
  5. Guilds
    1. Heroes Guild
    2. Masons Guild
    3. Merchants Guild
    4. Mages Guild
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
  7. Participation
    1. Choosing & joining a faction
    2. Faction sigils & banners
    3. Building & Submitting MOCs
    4. Local and Global Contests/Challenges
  8. Administrative & Organizational Information
  9. Index of all pages

Important LinksEdit

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Classic Castle Flickr Group

Lands of Classic Castle Flickr Group


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This Wiki is heavily in development, feel free to add missing information (but be sure to keep the info in sync with the info on the forum) - DO NOT MAKE STUFF UP OR CONTRADICT THE FORUM.

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