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Introduction & short descriptionEdit

Between Garheim and Loreos lies the Province of Lenfald, with its rich grasslands and deep forests. Valuing grace and style, the Lenfels prefer to live, hunt and fight with elegance - often using a longbow for all three.

Lenfald has an excellent supply of wood as well as stone. Their castles are often stone and wood combinations, and they utilize wooden siege weapons as well as large ships. If you want to build in a typical "medieval England" style, Lenfald is your faction.

Faction traits & informationEdit

Demonym: Lenfel (plural: Lenfels)

Colors: Dark Green (primary) / Yellow (secondary)

Terrain: forests and foothills

Building style and materials: medium sized castles made of wood and stone

Natural resources: wood, wildlife

Economy: lumber, hunting

Army: archers, light cavalry

Navy: large war- and tradingships

Insignia: Forestmen, Kingdoms Dragons or any other green/yellow insignia not associated with other factions

Faction Overseer: Teherean

Faction Liaison: Medieval Guy

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Local ChallengesEdit

  1. Introduction Challenge (open-ended) - Link
  2. Fortify the Forest Challenge (ended) - Link - Results
  3. Lenfald Ships and Boats Contest (ended) - Link - Results
  4. First Lenfald Duelling Challenge (ended) - Link

Faction Members (02-09-2012)Edit

Character Name Name
Lord Teherean the Elder Teherean
Michael Mann Medieval Guy
Lord Mitah Val Karem Mitah
Seamus O'Callaghan Muskey15
Tybalt Fishby Petturik
Sir Marius theboywarrior
Pepin Martel soccerkid6
Lord Wolfsong Fireglade
Kethean Rinsju
Sir Edwyn friskywhiskers
The Wanderer E.B.
Roewyn Hode Griffon
Bleddyn Dur Pup
Felix Barclay jimbo87
Eryl koffiemoc
Douglas MacCale of Lenfald FirstInfantry
Reymor "Reym" Irruini DNL
Kellec Athon
General Leslaw Matuku13
Letholdus Wallington LewisCarrol
Erick the Huntsman Eric the huntsman
Lokiten Myrikhim Albatross_Viking
Cormac VII LegoLord
Chip Oakenbrow SeargentChipmunk44
Sir Caelan Munro Caelan

Peoples, Clans and GroupsEdit

The Powolsk People - Teherean

The Val Karem Clan - Mitah

The Fytasa'ad Clan - Sir Edwyn

Miscellaneous & linksEdit

Lenfald Faction Thread on the forum

Lenfald Flickr Group